Kapuas Hulu regency is located on West Kalimantan Province. It's the origin of Kerupuk Basah (Wet Crackers), usually Kerupuk is crispy but Kerupuk Basah different.

Despite it's name Kerupuk Basah is not entirely similar with other kerupuk (cracker) which usually in form of dry or fried food. Kerupuk Basah is more like empek-empek from Sumatra or siomay from Jawa.

We can find this food easily at roadside shop or cafe in Putussibau, eaten together with a glass of coffee. Unfortunately this food can not taken away for a long time, beside it is quickly stale, it will also reduce Kerupuk Basah's deliciousness.

Kerupuk Basah is not dried as another kerupuk. It was made from fresh water fish, most of it was from Ikan Belidak (Notopetrus Chitala H.B.). This fish is often found in Kapuas River around Danau Sentarum.

This food is unique and simple, slightly chewy with savory taste of fresh water fish. It usually served with sauce.

The ingredients used to make Kerupuk Basah are Ikan Belida, corn flour, garlic, pepper and salt.


Wild Betta is commonly found in Kalimantan which called as "ikan cupang". The origin of this fish is from east asia country such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Betta fish have a unique shape and character and tend to be aggressive in defending its territory.

Among fans, betta fish are generally divided into three categories,  betta show, betta fighter and wild betta. Wild betta used to be found in open water, mainly in forest.


West Kalimantan Province is locate on 2°08' N to 3°05' S, 108°0' E to 114°10' E, it is located on the equator, Pontianak City to be precise. It is warm with high humidity.

West Kalimantan Province area is about 146.807 km² or about 7,53 % of Indonesian area.


Indonesia is known as the paradise for marine tourism. Beside bali island, marine tourism also scattered in almost all areas including West Kalimantan Province .

West Kalimantan Province is located on the island of Borneo between Natuna Sea and Karimata Strait, with the capital of Pontianak. Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan in the east , East Malaysia ( Sarawak ) in the North and the Java Sea in the south . West Kalimantan Province is traversed by the equator, with an area of 146 807 km ² ( 7.53% of Indonesia) or 1.13 times the size of the island of Java , which is the fourth largest province after Papua , East Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan . A small portion of the West Kalimantan region consist sea, but the West Kalimantan has dozens of large and small islands ( mostly uninhabited ) are scattered throughout Karimata Strait and Natuna Sea , with - average temperatures between 22°-32° C with tropical climates . These conditions provide a great boon in variation of natural resources such as: agriculture, forestry, farming, marine and fisheries, veterinary and animal husbandry, mining, trade , tourism .

7 out of 14 regencies / cities are coastal area, small islands (approximately 10,000 km2) in West Kalimantan totaling 153 islands, 72 inhabited islands and 81 uninhabited islands, with 821 km coastline. With the merits, West Kalimantan Province has promising potential for marine tourism, which is capable of being the main attraction.

The potential for coastal tourism and cultural tourism in the Dusun Temajo Desa Sebubus which is the northern most villages, in Dusun Temajo there is a beautiful beach with crystal clear sea waters. In addition, there is also a beautiful traditional village.

The potential of coastal and wildlife tourism in the Desa Sebubus, Selimpai Island, Paloh District, Sambas regency, on Selimpai Island there is a breeding ground for several kinds of sea turles especially penyu, which must be protected from extinction.

The potential of coastal and marine tourism in Maya Karimata Islands, Ketapang Regency, where the coral reefs are still maintained and suitable for diving and snorkeling .

Marine tourism on the Randayan Island and Lemukutan Island in Sungai Raya Kepulauan district, Bengkayang Regency with beautiful coral and its coast is a landing place for penyu to lay eggs.



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